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Braun Film & Video, Inc.

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You’ve just been tasked with changing the behavior of millions of people. Your job is to announce a breakthrough product or service to the world. You have to develop your strategy, come up with BIG ideas, track your results and keep it under budget. Oh yeah, and time is of the essence…

If your heart rate went up just reading that paragraph, Braun Film & Video can help. Whether you’re in need of a complete marketing solution or the execution of a single campaign or project, Braun Film knows how to put ideas into motion to get you the results you need. Braun Film & Video is a full service multi-media production company serving an international clientele from our DC, MD, & VA headquarters.

About Us

About Braun Film and Video, Inc. Braun Film and Video, Inc. is a full-service multi-media production firm, handling projects from script to screen. Our extensive background includes acting as tv commercial production companies and completing PSA productions, corporate communications, corporate video production, television and radio broadcasting, non-profit and association programming, documentaries, web video, and more.

Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, non profit video production, association and government, political consulting firms, ad agencies, PR and marketing companies, media buying agencies and small, medium and large sized businesses.

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