What is the process of video production?

Since the world went digital, visual communication has increased in value. Businesses have to create engaging videos as part of their marketing to deliver compelling messages and capture the attention of their target market. But many people do not know how to create these videos hence the question, 'What is the video production process?' The video production process has three stages: pre-production, where planning and strategizing occur; production, the stage of actual filming; and post-production, where the raw footage is [...]

On Location

Traveling internationally, or even domestically, by air presents challenges when you've got a quarter ton plus of equipment in tow. Excess bag fees, space restrictions, safety restrictions (in terms of what is and isn't allowed on board an airplane), and simply the weight and logistics of transporting our gear can make for an exceedingly difficult and expensive undertaking. Fortunately, as a professional and experienced video production company, we've learned workarounds and 'hacks' to make our jobs, lives, and your project [...]

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How Long Does it take to Produce a Corporate Video?

Have you ever watched a corporate video and wondered how long it took to make? They seem very straightforward, but can it all just be created in a day or a week? How long is needed to make a corporate video? The corporate video production process typically takes 4-6 weeks to finish the development, pre-production, filming, post-production stages, and editing stage. If the video is longer than 5 minutes, that can be extended to 8 weeks. In the final delivery, [...]

How Long Should a Documentary Be?

We live in a post-truth world where educating ourselves on crucial issues and looking for reliable sources of information is important. Documentaries are a great way to share and dissect important topics captivatingly and often spark important conversations. It's great that you are looking to make one, but you have a lingering question - how long should a documentary be? There is no requisite length for a documentary video. Great ones can be 2 minutes long, just as viably as [...]

How Long Should A TV Commercial Be?

From concept to completion, TV commercials require a great deal of work. Before the filming, the idea is mapped, scripted, and illustrated to understand how the commercial will progress. TV commercials are typically 30 seconds long. Most broadcast outlets will offer longer and shorter spots for sale, but 30 seconds is ubiquitous. Many advertisers will feature a 30-second commercial for broadcast, with longer versions of those commercials featured on-line for social media buzz. How long does it take to produce [...]

What Is The Difference Between A Commercial And A Public Service Announcement?

Many people believe that they need to spend money to buy airtime to have their message broadcast. While that is true in most cases, it does not apply to Public Service Announcements or PSAs. So, what IS the difference between a commercial and a public service announcement? The difference between the two is usually the intent and purpose of the spot. A commercial is meant to sell products or services for companies whose intent is to promote their product/service to attract buyers. PSAs [...]

How Long Does It Take To Make A Documentary?

A documentary is a film or a non-fiction video that educates viewers about an event, person, or real-life topic. If you are a company that needs a documentary created, one of the first questions that will come to mind is, how long does it take to make a documentary? While 'feature' documentaries can take a year or more to produce, most shorter form documentaries can be finalized in as little as 2-3+ months, in three phases: Preproduction: Research and writing, [...]

Hand and Stone / Sparky’s Garage

Working yet again with agency Sparky’s Garage and their client, Hand and Stone, we recently completed production on a series of 5 television commercials to promote their national spa chain. The set of spots are testimonial based and feature actual Hand and Spa ‘club members’ reflecting on the benefits of massage therapy and other spa services. Testimonial were shot at our Herndon studio and cover footage was captured at the newest Hand and Stone spa in Fairfax, VA.

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Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical and Exploring Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Working for Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical in partnership with Chamberlain Public Relations out of NYC, Braun Film has been producing a series of webisodes helping to create awareness about how ALS (‘Lou Gehrig’s’ disease) is affecting U.S. military veterans. Recent studies have indicated that American vets are suffering from this incurable and devastating disease at a rate twice as high as the general population. Studies are investigating why this phenomenon is occurring and how it can be curtailed. As part of this [...]

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Global Golf / Buffalo Agency

To promote on-line golf retailer Global Golf, Braun Film & Video, Inc. produced two humorous television commercials created by Buffalo Agency. The spots ran exclusively on the Golf Channel and aired throughout the 2018 'Major' season. For more examples of some of our great work, check out our other tv commercial production.