Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical and Exploring Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Working for Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical in partnership with Chamberlain Public Relations out of NYC, Braun Film has been producing a series of webisodes helping to create awareness about how ALS (‘Lou Gehrig’s’ disease) is affecting U.S. military veterans. Recent studies have indicated that American vets are suffering from this incurable and devastating disease at a rate twice as high as the general population.

Studies are investigating why this phenomenon is occurring and how it can be curtailed. As part of this on-line video series, we traveled around the country to document the day-to-day struggles that veterans and their families face. Our series includes interviews with the vets suffering from ALS, their families, caretakers, service dog trainers and others. We are proud of our contribution to help bring this important issue to the attention of the general public. please take a look at our gallery for more great examples of what we can bring to corporate video production.

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