B Roll Packages

Bites & B-roll Packages (BBRs) / Video News Releases (VNRs)

Braun Film and Video, Inc. is a full-service communications media house. Whether your needs include taped video feeds, such as Bites and B-roll packages (BBRs), Video News Releases (VNRs), or radio and television media tours, we can help you develop an effective strategy to reach your audience.  Braun Film and Video offers a full range of outreach to national television and radio stations on a local, regional or national scale, including Spanish language stations as well.

  • BBR / VNR production and distribution.  We can develop, produce and distribute your story as a video news release package featuring bites and b-roll. Braun Film is a one- stop shop for all your production and distribution needs, including field producing, editing, distribution and station contact.
  • Localized Video News Release production and distribution. Localizing your message makes a story even more relevant and compelling. Braun, along with our strategic partner, have an effective method for using local data to create localized outreach programs. It’s a distinctive approach that addresses the number one reason offered by many local reporters for passing on an otherwise interesting story topic … that it isn’t local enough. Providing local information and local sound bites makes it easier for local news to present a story with relevance to their viewers.
  • Spanish language BBR / VNR distribution.  One of the largest untapped television audiences can be found watching Spanish language television broadcasts of Univision and Telemundo (and their local market affiliates).  We can develop and distribute BBRs / VNRs for news producers at these stations.  While stories impacting the Hispanic community are ideal for this service, almost any story of interest to the general population is attractive to Spanish television … if the sound bites and material are in Spanish.  All products we create and station outreach to Spanish television are entirely in Spanish.