Braun Film Communicates the Benefits of New Technology for AT&T

Braun recently completed a number of video 'case studies' for AT&T's new municipal wireless services group that highlighted the benefits of wireless technology to state and county governments across the country. To fully leverage the work done, the videos were also formatted and displayed on AT&T's website for potential clients to view. Dealing with very technical subject matter, Braun Film & Video worked with the client to create short videos that would speak directly to the human benefits of this [...]

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Braun Film Completes Documentaries for One of the Largest Companies in the World

Agency: The History Factory We are proud to announce the completion of a series of documentaries and educational videos for a large Middle Eastern oil company as part of its 75th corporate anniversary. The world's largest national oil company not only celebrated when it turned 75 years old, but, more importantly, it fully leveraged the milestone as a platform to strategically communicate core goals, messages, and initiatives to a wide spectrum of key audiences. As one of the ways to [...]

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Braun Film Completes Documuntary for Global Non Profit Foundation

Agency: Project Big Fish Braun Film & Video just completed a high impact video program for the Gede Foundation, a global non-profit foundation, to spread awareness and communcate the dire state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. The Gede Foundation was in need of an emotionally impactful video program to communicate the critical condition of HIV and AIDS in Africa--specifically targeting the plight of orphans in Nigeria whose parents had been killed by the disease. Working with Gede, the Nigerian [...]

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Braun Film Completes Live Event Support for Library of Congress

Agency: Fleishman Hillard For its fifth consecutive year, Braun Film recorded the Library of Congress' annual National Book Festival to showcase the multitude of activities, personalities and attendees associated with the event. The shoot presented several logistical challenges and required seven separate camera crews to fully document multiple events going on concurrently. Cutting edge digital capture technology was utilized in order to send multiple videos to the client's headquarters in time to be edited and displayed on the event's website [...]

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