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An Unbridled Passion for PSA Production

A sometimes overlooked tool in your marketing tool kit, producing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) can be a cost-effective and powerful way to send your message. As a public service, most radio and TV stations will routinely air PSA’s, and while PSAs don’t generate revenue directly, they can generate the good feelings that lead to positive associations surrounding your organization. Those associations lead to the desired audience actions. Braun Film loves PSAs. And while we would marry them if we could, we will have to settle for a “long-term partnership.”

As suckers for a great cause, PSAs are near and dear to our hearts because they help promote great causes, inform about and promote positive lifestyle changes and disseminate social marketing messages that “make a difference.” Braun will help you craft your message–using the principles of social marketing–and wrap it up in stellar, creative packaging that will get the attention you seek. While we love PSAs simply for who they are, we will also get your PSA spot aired, monitored and tracked– providing you with comprehensive results on radio and TV stations across the country. After all, every great relationship requires attention and hard work.

Check out some of the PSA’s we’ve produced in our portfolio section, and please contact us for more information about how we can help you with any and all PSA production needs.

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Alcoholics Anonymous
Department of Education
IRS E-file
National Kidney Foundation
Sister to Sister
Nuclear Non Proliferation
International Rett Syndrome Foundation
Susan G. Komen
Im Going