Dave Braun

Executive Producer

Dave Braun

Dave brings over 2 decades production experience, including founding Braun Film and Video, Inc. in 1992.  Since that time, he has produced scores of commercial, corporate, documentary, training, political and educational programs as well as countless other shows including PSA programming, broadcast television and radio and a multitude of other productions.  Dave’s knowledge and expertise run the gamut from campaign development and creative, to production and post production, to distribution and tracking of programming in all formats. Dave’s client skills, attention to detail and ability to communicate are unparalleled, and set the tone for everyone on the Braun Film team.

Favorite Job: For seven years we owned and produced a weekly Washington Redskins television program featuring former and current players.  Meeting and working with players whose jerseys I used to wear as a kid, and whose cards I used to tack to my wall, was a thrill that even by year 7, never got old for me.  In fact, I still nurture my fantasy of playing quarterback in the NFL…

Best thing about my job:  Without a doubt – the people.  Through this career I’ve become dear friends with many of our clients, vendors and freelancers.  It’s a ‘bonus’ part of the job that I never contemplated when I first started out in this industry.

Best work story: September, 2001.  Minneapolis, MN.  Had just wrapped a shoot at the Minnesota Vikings training camp, and was waiting for my flight with some of our crew at the airport bar.  This being a mere couple weeks since 9/11, airports were on high alert, and we had unfortunately left one of our large, steel equipment cases on the sidewalk unattended.  One of the porters indentified me to the authorities, and the next thing I knew, I was greeted by 3 machine gun carrying police officers in flak jackets to ‘escort’ me to the back room where I was VERY thoroughly questioned.  Still made my flight though…

Other facts about me:  I’m a huge music geek.  My music collection has over 12,000 songs covering just about every category.